The ARRL Northwestern Division Leadership provides the interface between League Members and the National Organization. The Northwestern Division Leadership shall keep the Division Membership informed and provide the Membership with leadership training and opportunity along with the promotion of League programs within the Division that are vital to our overall success.
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Division Events

Welcome to the ARRL Northwestern Division Site

The American Radio Relay League (ARRL) is the national membership association for Amateur Radio operators. The United States government began licensing Amateur Radio operators in 1912. By 1914, there were thousands of Amateur Radio operators--hams--in the United States. Hiram Percy Maxim, a leading Hartford, Connecticut, inventor and industrialist saw the need for an organization to band together this fledgling group of radio experimenters.

3/21/2014 - Centeniel Conventions

2014 is a busy year, as we celebrate the 100 anniversary of the ARRL -
The National Association for Amateur Radio. There are a number of
events taking place:

The ARRL Centennial QSO Party is a year-long operating event that
celebrates hams making contacts. In the end you will have accumulated
points, worked new stations and made new friends all over the world.

The Centennial QSO Party is made-up of two main activities: (1) W1AW
operating portable in each state and most territories; and (2) The
Centennial Points Challenge which is the accumulation of points from

Letter 2/2014

From the Director’s Shack - It’s been a month since the change of
the guard in the Northwestern Division. Since then we have been busy
attending club meetings and ham fests, working on matters coming before
the Legal Defense and Program Committee and preparing for the
Administrative and Finance Committee meeting in April.

I did attend the SeaPac Planning Committee meeting in February and will
continue attending meetings until the actual Convention at Seaside. The
Planning Committee is doing a superb job getting things in order to make

Jim Fenstermaker K9JF, Elected as Vice President, ARRL

Greetings to ARRL Members in the Northwestern Division from former
Division Director Jim Fenstermaker K9JF

When the ARRL Board Meeting held in the Hartford, CT area adjourned
last Saturday, January 18, 2014, Northwestern Division Vice Director
Jim Pace, K7CEX, became the new ARRL Northwestern Division Director.
Jim was assigned to participate as a member of the ARRL's
Administration and Finance Committee as well as the Legal Defense and
Assistance Committee.

Director Pace served as the Northwestern Division Vice Director for one

ARRL Northwestern Division Scholarship Fund Donation Request

December 30, 2013

Greetings to ARRL Northwestern Division Members

We hope you have a very Happy New Year. The bands have been pretty
good during the 4th Quarter of 2013. Let's hope this trend continues
throughout 2014.

Since we are still in 2013, there is still time to donate to the
Northwestern Division Wilse Morgan WX7P Scholarship Fund and take an
Income Tax write-off in 2013.

Our goal for this fund is to receive an average of only $10 from each
ARRL Member in the Northwestern Division. If this goal is achieved,

Serving radio amateurs in Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington States.

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