Letter 3/2013

Dear ARRL Northwestern Division Members,

First, I apologize for the spacing and paragraph issues in the newsletter. We are trying to get this resolved.
We will publish periodic newsletters during the year. If you have specific topics you believe members in the Northwestern Division would like discussed, please contact either Vice Director Pace or me.

Keep your E-mail addresses and Addresses current:
It is important that members maintain their e-mail addresses and mailing addressed with the ARRL. This can be done by accessing your member profiles on ARRL.org . If you require assistance, contact me. Please remind your fellow hams who might not be signed up for ARRL information via the internet or who might not be receiving QST magazine. We received a number of mailing bounces during the election campaign in 2012.

Board Meeting Comments:
The ARRL Board meeting held last month. Specific details of this meeting are published in QST and also available on the ARRL web site. I was re-elected to the Executive Committee by my fellow board members. This is the third time I have the honor to serve on this committee.

NW Division Scholarship Fund:
The scholarship fund continues to grow as Northwestern Division members contribute to the fund. My newsletter in December described the fund and the process to contribute to it. See: www.arrl.org/the-arrl-foundation for further information. A $1,000 scholarship will be offered to a deserving Northwestern Division member in the spring.

ARRL Administration and Committee Structure:
Vice Director Pace notes, in his comments at the conclusion of this newsletter, differentials between the Sections and Divisions and their respective roles in the ARRL Hierarchy.
In past newsletters, I discussed the ARRL Standing Committee structure. Standing committees include the Administrations & Finance, Program Services and Executive Committees.

In addition, there are more committees made up of Board members and outside experts. For those of you who understand organizational structure, you know that much of the detailed work is accomplished in these specialty committees.

ARRL committees include:

Ethics and Election
Legal Defense and Assistance
RF Safety
Electromagnetic Compatibility
HF Band Planning
Public Relations
Microwave Band Plan
Youth in the Second Century
2014 ARRL Centennial Celebration

These committees include appointed “experts” in each of the topical areas.

There are also committees which address operating issues. These committees are comprised of a member from each ARRL Division and include:
Contest Advisory
DX Advisory
Emergency Communication

ARRL 100th Anniversary Celebration:
The ARRL will celebrate its 100th anniversary at the 2nd Century National Convention to be held in Hartford, CT on July 18-20, 2014. All members are invited to attend. For us “left coasters”, that is a formidable distance to travel. The Board is discussing a mini-Celebration at the Division Convention in Seaside, OR on May 30 - June 1, 2014. This celebration will have an ARRL theme
with Headquarters speakers, perhaps an ARRL Expo format, and other surprises. Planning is underway by the League and Division staff and the SeaPac Committee.

Options for Meetings and info sharing:
We are reviewing new processes to share information and meet members on-line. Some ARRL Divisions have attempted virtual meetings, go-to-meeting seminars, lectures by HQ and Division staff and members, and other forms of electronic communication. Tell us if this something that interests you that we could possibly coordinate.

Travel Schedules:
Vice Director Pace and I am working on our travel schedules for 2013. If clubs would like us to visit and make a presentation, please e-mail me and we will attempt to schedule such a presentation.

Low Frequency Allocation Petition:
The ARRL petitioned the FCC to create a new band in the 137-138 KHz range as recommended in the ITU meetings in 2012. This band which will be knows as 2180 meters, will, if approved, probably challenge low frequency aficionados due to the antenna challenges (size) and ERP limitations. More on this and other possible bands will be discussed in future newsletters.

WA Senate Bill 5000
For those of you who reside in Washington State, a bill was introduced in the State Senate under the guise of “aircraft safety”. This bill would have required towers higher than 50 feet to be painted and have a lighting system. There are current FCC guidelines for tower marking and lighting. We understand that, following many comments by WA hams, the bill was pulled for the 2013 legislative session. We also believe that this type of bill was sponsored by the AOPA and is primarily for crop duster and other low altitude flights. Of concern is the wording of the bill and the stealth manner in which it was introduced. This appears to be a nation-wide effort so Radio Amateurs in all states should monitor their legislative agendas. The ARRL is actively reviewing future bills and the lobbying for including such bills into state laws.

We Ask for Your Comments about the ARRL and Amateur Radio
We would like input and feedback regarding what the ARRL does for you as members and for Amateur Radio in general. Please address comments to me at K9JF@arrl.org . Around April 5th, call letters of those replying will be placed in a drawing (one entry per call) for a prize, courtesy of your Director and Vice Director.

Comments from the Vice Director Jim Pace K7CEX:
My first Board meeting was a great experience. I was made to feel quite welcome by a very eclectic group of professionals which included, but not limited to, Lawyers, Accountants, a former Mayor of an East Coast city and an Appeals Court Judge. These people are first class Amateur Radio Operators who have a love for our hobby and second, have professional experience which helps continue the operations of the ARRL, a multimillion dollar corporation.

It is a bit confusing to some, as to how the Board of Directors works in conjunction with the Field Organization. Think of it this way; the Field Organization (ARES, NTS, OO and other programs) are the ‘Tactical” part of ARRL and the Board of Directors is the “Strategic” part of ARRL (Developing Policy, oversight of HQ operations, financial responsibility, future planning, interface with the FCC, Congress and so forth). Although both are important to the ARRL, they operate quite apart from each other during day- to-day operations; but do keep each other informed on a regular basis.

Although it is normal that the “new guy” is not appointed to any committees during the first Board meeting, I was consulted on a few matters that came before the Board. I look forward to my future assignments and am excited about using my professional skills in the promotion and advancement of Amateur Radio and the ARRL.

Thanks for reading this newsletter. As noted above, if you would like specific topics addressed, please contact us. We will issue another Northwestern Division Newsletter in the next few months.
Jim Fenstermaker K9JF
ARRL Northwestern Division Director

Jim Pace K7CEX
ARRL Northwestern Division Vice-Director

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