6/10/2014 - SeaPac Regional Convention

Seaside Oregon displayed two of its greatest assets, during the
weekend of June 6, 7 and 8 – 1)fantastic weather and 2) the annual
SeaPac Northwestern Division Convention.... which this year was one of
the six Regional Conventions celebrating the 100 years of service to
the Amateur Radio Community by the ARRL.

In attendance were almost 3,000 folks with an elevated zeal for Amateur
Radio. The convention was organized by a cadre of volunteers who not
only made sure the event was successful but ran with clock like
precision. (I think we may need to send that committee to Congress).

In addition to the daytime activities of visiting with old and new
friends, visiting all the vendor booths and enjoying the sun and the
beach, there was a great banquet on Saturday night with fantastic food
and an inspirational speech by ARRL President Kay Cragie, N3KN. Kay
challenged us to look to the Second Century of ARRL but at the same
time look back and be inspired by those who came before us.

It was great to have President Cragie at the convention; also
representing the ARRL were: 2nd Vice President Jim Fenstermaker K9JF,
Marketing Manager Bob Inderbitzen NQ1R, Individual Giving Manager
Lauren Clarke KB1YDD, Public Relations Manager Sean Kutzko KX9X and
Member Services and Circulation Manager Yvette Vinci KC1AIM. What a
great help they all were as we managed the two ARRL booths.

In addition to ARRL staff, we had 5 of the NW Division Section
Managers, Director Vallio from the Pacific Division and 4 California
Section Managers. To say the least, ARRL was well represented by

W100AW/7, the special event station at the convention, made over 2,000
contacts on phone and over 1,000 on CW.

Although we are only a couple of days beyond SeaPac 2014, reservations
and planning have already begun for SeaPac June 5, 6 & 7 of 2015. I
hope to see you there.

Idaho Section Manager Election

Inasmuch as the current Idaho Section Manager Ed Stuckey, AI7H was
unopposed in the recent round of nominations, he will retain his
position and begin his new 2 year term July 1. Congratulations Ed;
keep up the great work!

Northwestern Division Scholarship Fund

This year the ARRL Foundation awarded one scholarship, from the
Northwestern Division Scholarship Fund, to Aaron Morrill, NA7AM, of
Spokane. Congratulations Aaron!

The Northwestern Division Scholarship Fund was established in memory of
Wilse Morgan, WX7P, who became a silent key shortly after the SeaPac
Convention in 2013. Wilse was a strong advocate for Amateur Radio,
personally teaching over 1,000 licensees in his career. Wilse was also
the first VE appointed by the FCC, while he lived in Alaska.

Each year the Scholarship Fund will provide some financial assistance
for higher education to a/an member(s) of the Northwestern Division who
is/are pursuing a career in engineering, medicine, science or business.

This fund was established by the generosity of members and clubs in the
Northwestern Division, in memory of Wilse. The continuation of the
program depends entirely on continued donations. This year at the
Northwestern Division Convention at Seaside, in a pass the hat (rather
bag) campaign, the Ham community donated $1,477 to the fund,
guaranteeing that at least one individual will receive a scholarship
next year. It is our hope that eventually, we will be able to award at
least one scholarship in each of the Division's 6 Sections, as the
donations allow.

Thank you SeaPac attendees for your spirit and wonderful contribution
and thank you to the members of the Northwestern Division for your
continued support.

For more information on the Scholarship or to make a contribution, go
to: http://www.nwarrl.wetnet.net/node/132 or contact your Section

Washington State ARES Places in the Top 10 in Nation – 2013 SET

According to the July QST, Eastern Washington and Western Washington
ARES teams placed in the top 10 in the Nation, in points, for the 2013
SET. WWA was # 8 and EWA was # 9. I have known for years that
Washington State had one of the best ARES programs in the Nation.
Congratulations to all the teams and their leadership.

Learning Opportunity

There are some great ‘learning opportunities’ coming up. A
collaboration between Craig Baker (Digital Chair from FWARC), the City
of Auburn Emergency Department and a cadre of volunteers, is bringing
some open and free workshops for the Ham Community in the Pacific

Introduction to D-Star: July 12, October 11 and November 22. All
classes from 0900 to 1700.
MESH-Networking 2014: July 26 and November 9. All classes from 0900 to

For more information go to: http://www.hamshare.com/ or call Bill at:
206 400 1723.

Many Thanks to Those Who Responded to OSO

A very special thank you to the many Ham Radio operators who responded
and worked at the OSO landslide and aftermath. We are so proud of you
all for your unselfish dedication and service to the community. Your
contribution has not gone unnoticed by the ARRL or the non ham
community at large. You all as individuals and as a group are the
essence of a quote by Mohandas Gandhi “The best way to find yourself
is to lose yourself in the service of others”. Indeed, that speaks
of you all.

From the Vice Director

I enjoyed seeing everyone at Sea-Pac this year. I’m sure I missed
talking to many of you because of the time where I helped at the ARRL
booth and attended meetings and other activities over the weekend. I
didn’t have a chance to start looking through the booths until it was
time for the Saturday afternoon drawings.

Those of you who are, or will soon be in college, make sure you start
keeping track of the requirements and application deadlines for the
scholarships that are available to you. If you have children or
grandchildren or great-grandchildren who are in high school, or even
middle school, now is the time to review the requirements to apply for
the Wilse Morgan WX7P Memorial Scholarship and other scholarships
available through the ARRL Foundation, as well the one normally
presented at Sea-Pac by OTVARC, and those given by other ham radio
groups. The sooner you start working with them on the appropriate
level license classes, ham radio activities they can enjoy, and other
school and career planning requirements, the more likely they will be
to be the one who is awarded scholarships. The high school students
who are developing leadership skills may want to volunteer in their
clubs or sections to help promote youth activities and encourage others
their age to become licensed and involved in ham radio. That would be
something that would be helpful on their scholarship application as
well as helpful in lowering the average age of those in our hobby.

Beginning this fall, I will be teaching full-time and serving as
department chair for the online health information management program
at Portland Community College during the 9-month academic year. The
Academic Dean over that area is also over the emergency services
programs and as a result of that, in the interview, he was very
interested in my involvement in ham radio since he would like to get
our department more involved in the college emergency preparedness
activities. This shows that your license can be useful in many areas
that don’t seem related on first glance.

73, Bonnie

ARRL Northwestern Division
Director: James D Pace, K7CEX

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