6/12/2014 - From the Director's Shack; FCC Not Adopting Proposed Rules Dealing with 30 Centimeters

--FCC Not Adopting Proposed Rules Dealing with 30 Centimeters--

Read decision at:

--FCC Approves Changes to Exam Credits and Emission Type rules--

Read decision at:

--50 Year Membership Plaques Found--

Garry Lewis, while going through his father’s estate, found two ARRL
50th Year of Membership Plaques. However, we have been unable to
contact the families of these two recipients. If you know how to
contact their families, please contact me at: k7cex@arrl.org

The two recipients are: Walter Arndt (no call sign) and Rex G Hays

73 and good Hamming and don’t forget to list your Field Day Site at:

Jim Pace, K7CEX
ARRL Northwestern Division

ARRL Northwestern Division
Director: James D Pace, K7CEX

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