6/26/2014 - Director's Field Day Message

The annual ARRL Field Day is almost here. I want to wish all
participants a successful and safe time, over this weekend, as
thousands of Amateur Radio Operators practice their emergency
deployment skills with portable equipment, power sources, antennas and
good food! (Especially good food) What a great opportunity to show
the general public the ‘magic of radio’, and encourage interested
persons in joining our fantastic hobby.

As I look around the Division and the weather predictions, I see some
good weather but I also see some potentially difficult conditions for
some locations. Being aware of your local weather conditions and the
potential damage and harm that can come from wind and lightening,
should not be taken without due consideration. Having one individual
who stays aware of changing weather conditions will go far in helping
to assure a great weekend. Climbing towers, trees and structures in
inclement weather can potentially spoil an otherwise great time.

Be safe, have fun, meet new and old friends and make this Field Day the
best ever, as we continue to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the

73 and ‘Get on the Air from Everywhere’
Jim Pace, K7CEX
Northwestern Division Director
ARRL…The National association for Amateur Radio

ARRL Northwestern Division
Director: James D Pace, K7CEX

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