Letter 8/2014

Here is an opportunity for you all to get involved. HR4969, if passed,
would direct the FCC to extend PRB-1 to Home Owner Associations and
CC&Rs. PRB-1/HR4969 is not a blank check, but would require
‘reasonable accommodation’ for Amateur Radio antennas.

What we need now is to have our members, with good writing and speaking
skills to write, call and/or visit your Congressional Representative,
and ask them to ‘co-sponsor’ HR4969. More on the bill can be found
at: http://www.arrl.org/hr-4969.

We have some competition from the Community Associations Institute
(CAI) who oppose our Bill and are activating their members to encourage
Congress to defeat the Bill. Remember, we are asking for two things:
co-sponsorship from our Congressional Representatives and within the
Bill, ‘reasonable accommodation’.
As of this morning, our ‘co-sponsors are: Rep. Joe Courtney (D-CT),
Rep. Michael Grimm (R-NY), Rep. Peter Welch (D-VT), Rep. Christopher
Gibson (R-NY) and Rep Mike McIntyre (D-NC) – along with the Bill’s
sponsor Rep. Adam Kinziger (R-IL). This is a great start but we would
like 30 co-sponsors.

President Craigie has set up a Twitter account to push out activities
as she hears about them: @KayCraigieN3KN. The hash tag for the bill is
#hr4969. I’ll keep you all updated as I receive more progress
reports. Let me know if you have any success in your endeavors.
Together, we can make this happen!

Aaron Morrill of Spokane, WA, NA7AM, was awarded the 2013 Wilse Morgan
Memorial Scholarship. Aaron, a High School Senior, will be attending
Spokane Community College to study electric automation and CNC
Machinery. Aaron comes from a hamming family where his dad, mom and
older sister are also licensed. Aaron’s little sister will be
testing soon to get her license. As a member of ARES Aaron already
understands the importance of Ham Radio in serving his community.
Aaron likes to build things and with his zeal for Amateur Radio, will
do well in his future endeavors. Congratulations Aaron.

If you would like to contribute to the Northwestern Division Wilse
Morgan Memorial Scholarship, contact your Section Manager or go to:

What a great time in Hartford at the National Convention! A once in a
lifetime event filled with classes, celebrations and inspiring talks.
FEMA’s Administrator Mr. Craig Fugate, KK4INZ and member of ARRL,
spoke with nostalgia and passion about his Ham Radio history and the
importance of Ham Radio in Emergency Communications. I’m hoping to
get a recorded version of Mr. Fugate’s talk and make it available, in
the next few weeks; it is a must see for all those involved in Emergency
Management, no matter if they are Hams or not.

Nobel Laureate Joe Taylor, K1JT and ARRL Member, assured attendees that
ham radio will continue to thrive and serve the public interest in the
second century of ARRL. “Radios are going to become increasingly
digital”, he said, “with analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog
conversion occurring closer and closer to the antenna — in fact,
pretty much at the antenna can be done already.” Taylor also said
that in the future, good engineering will definitely be a combination
of hardware and software. Beyond that, he said, science, technology,
and Amateur Radio will continue to benefit from a healthy
cross-fertilization between amateurs and professionals. (Excerpt from

July 21 and 22 saw an agenda for the board that was quite full. Vice
Director Altus and I found ourselves engaged in many of the strategic
activities of the ARRL and its managing entities. The minutes of the
two day meeting will be posted on www.arrl.org in the next few weeks.
As it was my first board meeting as Director, I found the experience
quite exciting and fulfilling as the board began the ‘second
century’ of the ARRL.

With an attendance of nearly 3,500, lots-and-lots of seminars, great
weather and several staff members from ARRL Headquarters – lead by
President Kay Craigie, N3KN - the first ARRL Regional Convention of the
Second Century was, without a doubt, a resounding success.

President Craigie, the keynote speaker at the Saturday night banquet,
challenged us all to look at the legacy of Amateur Radio that we have
been given by those who came before us, and use that legacy as a
platform to launch our second century. “Look at the past and lead
into the future”; excellent words from our President.

Bravo Zulu (Job well done) to the SeaPac organizing committee. I am
looking forward to next year’s convention.

In a recent QST article there was a comment about using the acronym
EmComm, to reference Emergency Communications. The writer of the
story attempted to explain that Emergency Communications was an
activity of amateur radio that was contained under the umbrella of
‘Public Service’, rather than a standalone operation. Immediately
the fire storm of negative talk, writings and videos began; and
immediately some were speculating that the ARRL was about to eliminate
ARES. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Part 97.1(a)-Purpose: makes it very clear: Recognition and
enhancement of the value of the amateur service to the public as a
voluntary noncommercial communication service, particularly with
respect to providing emergency communications. Indeed, that is one of
the purposes of the grant of our license.

Although our teams perform more than ‘emergency communications’,
we are always improving our skills with other ‘public service’
activities. The writer may have missed the point in the article, but
we in the Northwestern Division are clearly aware of our contribution
to our communities – that includes EmComm. No worries, ARES is still
in operation and will be for a very long time to come.

Ladies, here is your chance to enjoy visiting with old friends and meet
new ones. August 7-9, in Vancouver, WA. Lots of activities and lots of
fun. Convention banquet on Saturday August 9. For more details go to:

73 and good Hamming
Jim Pace, K7CEX
ARRL Northwestern Division

ARRL Northwestern Division
Director: James D Pace, K7CEX

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