The July ARRL board meeting was the first one that I have attended since
being appointed to the Vice Director position. It was especially
interesting because of being able to attend the ARRL Centennial
national convention prior to the meeting. At the convention banquet,
Craig Fugate KK4INZ, the FEMA Administrator , was the speaker. He
became interested in getting licensed because of a combination of
having worked with hams in his previous emergency management positions
and by hanging an antenna out the window of his DC apartment and
discovering he could hear distant stations from there.

The committee meetings are held the day before the board meeting. Jim
Pace is on the Administration and Finance Committee and I sat in on the
meeting to listen and learn. In the actual board meeting, the role of a
Vice Director is simply to listen to the proceedings and make sure their
Division Director has all the documents that are being distributed
periodically during the meeting. The Vice Directors also serve as
tellers to count votes if there is something that Directors vote on
using ballots, such as electing an honorary vice president. Throughout
the week prior to the meeting and at meals between meetings, there are
plenty of opportunities for all to participate in discussions. If a
Division Director is unable to attend a board meeting, then the Vice
Director moves forward to the front table and fills in so it is
important to listen and be fully informed on all the issues.

This was a good learning experience and I began learning about the
viewpoints of the other board members. By being responsible only for
listening and keeping track of things for the Division Director at the
meetings, there is plenty of time to learn about the board committees
and activities.

Director Jim Pace has been sending out information regarding the need
for cosponsors for HR4969. Prior to the board meeting, there was a
training for the board by the Keelen Group about how to work with the
legislature. This was an excellent meeting and I learned a lot. I
will be trying to contact my representative to ask for a co-sponsorship
of the bill and may ask some of you in my district to join me, if I can
schedule a meeting. If any clubs would like to learn more about the
bill and ways to work with your representative, I would be happy to
talk with you.

The next event I will be attending is the YLRL National Convention in
Vancouver, Washington. It is their 75th anniversary. I will be there
for the entire convention on August 7-10 and I hope to see many of you
there. I signed up for one of the local tours being offered and will
spend the rest of the time participating in activities and visiting
with everyone at the convention center hotel. I hope to see many of
you there and get to know more of you who are spread around the
Northwestern Division.

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