Letter 10/2014

Event Travel:
The Hamfest/Swapmeet season is quickly coming to an end for 2014 and
the Division Staff is pleased to have attended events in each of the
Sections in the Northwestern Division. From Montana, Idaho, Eastern
Washington, Western Washington, Oregon and Alaska, we were greeted with
the true spirit of Ham Radio as we found not just active clubs and ARES
units, but innovative an thriving ones. I’m especially excited about
the number of groups that are encouraging DIY projects. Everything from
direction finders to QRP rigs; It is exciting to see Ham Radio
enthusiasts building equipment.

Hamfests are a great time to visit with old friends, meet new friends,
talk with your leadership and introduce non-Ham friends to our great
hobby. Check out this site for upcoming gatherings: www.n7cfo.com
If you want your event advertised, let Lynn, N7CFO, know.

ARRL 100th Anniversary Celebration Continues:
As the Centennial Year winds down, the National Convention behind us
and the last Regional Convention to take place October 10 in Santa
Clara, I would like to remind you that two activities still are ongoing
- The Centennial QSO party and the operation of W1AW/x. In October,
Alaska, in November, Washington State and in December, Montana have
their second round as W1AW/7 and will be on the air on several bands
and modes. Get on the air and contact us as we continue the fun.

HR 4969:
As of this writing, the Washington DC team has obtained 47 co-sponsors
for the Amateur Radio Parity Act, but several other Congressional
Representatives have agreed to sign on when Congress resumes; notably,
only one of the co-sponsors is from the Northwestern Division, however
there is a chance that others may sign on after the elections. The
unofficial count is now 54 (includes those who agreed sign on after the
election recess). If you haven’t yet called, written or visited your
Congressional Representative, see if you can make contact and convince
them to join our efforts. Details can be found at:

Intentional and unintentional interference is, unfortunately, a part of
Ham Radio life. The way we respond to interference issues can mitigate
or aggravate the incident. Anger and/or retaliation are never the
suitable responses to an interfering station.

Recently, there was an interference issue with one of our multi-state
nets, where a digital station was causing interference. After
observing and identifying the station, a simple phone call to the
owner/operator – who admitted that he had not read the rules closely
- was able to get the digital station to move to the proper band
segment. Additional interference had been heard from stations North of
the border; but again a polite phone call from one of our digital
coordinators to a counterpart in Canada, found that a conflict in
frequency allocations was the culprit. Even so, the Canadian stations
have moved or curtailed operations during the net times.

For the most part Amateur Radio Operators are good and cooperative
people and very willing to find solutions to interference problems.
When solutions cannot be found, the use of our Official Observer
Program is the first responsible step to take. Those who participate
in the OO program are trained to gather information that could be
forwarded to the FCC for possible action.

Interference will always be with us; whether it becomes a slight
inconvenience or a major conflict is up to us.

NW Division Scholarship
Many thanks to the Mike and Key Amateur Radio Club, for their generous
contribution to the Scholarship Fund, at their meeting on September
20th. Also, our thanks go out to the many individual contributions
from members all over the Division. It is through the generosity of
our members and clubs that we can help students pursue their ambitions
for higher education in various disciplines of science and engineering.
For more information on the Scholarship Fund go to:

Also please note that ARRL Foundation Scholarship application period
begins October 1, 2014. To find out about applying for any of the ARRL
Scholarships, go to:

Great Talks Available for Clubs:
Check them out! Here are a couple of recorded talks from the National
Convention, which may be of interest to Clubs and ARES groups:


Also, don’t forget to check out Lynn Burlingame’s Website at:
www.n7cfo.com for more ideas on club presentations.

From the Director’s Shack:
Vice Director Altus and I would like to thank you all for our great
first year in office. Your acceptance and encouragement has driven us
to emphasize our advocacy for Amateur Radio and the Northwestern
Division. Please do not hesitate to contact us for information or to
submit suggestions.
73 and Good Hamming

ARRL Northwestern Division
Director: James D Pace, K7CEX

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