2/4/2015 - Vice Director Altus, AB7ZQ, Appointed to Strategic Planning Group

ARRL President Kay Craigie has appointed Vice Director Bonnie Altus,
AB7ZQ, from the Northwestern Division, to the newly formed Strategic
Planning Group (SPG). The group was authorized by the Board of
Directors at their recent meeting in January.

The SPG will be chaired by Second Vice President Jim Fenstermaker,
K9JF, and will be charged with the responsibility of developing a
strategic plan for the ARRL, to plan its direction for the next several
years. The working group will be quite transparent and will solicit
input for the Board, Committees, Staff and Membership. Other members
of the SPG are: Director Widin, Vice Director Carlson, Vice Director
Zygielbaum, COO Kramer, and Marketing Manager Inderbitzen.

Congratulations to Bonnie; her expertise in IT Systems Development,
Management and Implementation will be a great asset.

ARRL Northwestern Division
Director: James D Pace, K7CEX

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