Letter 4/2015

Director & Vice Director Start Their Travel Season
As the Hamfest season is well underway, Vice Director Altus and I are
excited about meeting new people and renewing old friendships, as we
attend Hamfests and club meetings, in the Division. 2015 is shaping up
to be a very busy year, so if you would like either or both of us to
attend your event, let us know soon, so we can get our calendars

I’m not sure what the total attendance at the Salem and Puyallup
Hamfest were, but the ARRL table was busy from the start of the day on.
Many thanks to the extra help we were given by both Section and
Division personnel.

HR 1301 – Amateur Radio Parity Act
This piece of Legislation is a continuing effort to encourage the FCC
to extend the parameters of PRB-1, to include Deed Restrictions and HOA
rules. To that end, members of the ARRL Board of Directors and Officers
have been in Washington DC, talking to member of Congress. Now it is
time for the membership to once again become involved in a ‘grass
roots’ action!

The Amateur Radio Parity Act of 2015 -- H.R.1301 -- has been introduced
in the US House of Representatives. The measure would direct the FCC to
extend its rules relating to reasonable accommodation of Amateur
Service communications to private land use restrictions. US Rep Adam
Kinzinger (R-IL) introduced the bill on March 4 with 12 original
co-sponsors from both sides of the aisle -- seven Republicans and five

ARRL members are urged to contact their US House members and ask them
to sign on to the bill as a co-sponsor. We recommend sending the letter
to your member of Congress to:
Attn HR 1301 grassroots campaign
225 Main St
Newington CT 06111

Congress will go on Easter recess from March 27 - April 12. This will
be an opportunity for members to make appointments to visit local
offices, write letters and remember that some Congressmen have town
hall type meetings during recesses, which could be a great time to
visit with your area’s Representative.

More information and suggested talking points can be found at:

Registration for two Upcoming Events
Two ARRL affiliated events coming soon:

Communications Academy 2015 – April 11 & 12 at South Seattle
Community College. Registration and more information at:

Northwestern Division SeaPac Convention 2015 – June 5, 6 & 7 at
Seaside Oregon. Registration and more information at:

For a list of other upcoming events visit: www.n7cfo.com If your
event isn’t on the list, contact Lynn, N7CFO and he’ll help you
get it posted.

Centennial Points Challenge Application Window Opens
The window to apply for ARRL Centennial Points Challenge and W1AW
Worked All States awards will open on Wednesday, March 25, at 1400 UTC.
The ARRL Centennial operating events were hugely successful, with
participation way beyond anyone’s expectations. “For most
applicants, the process will be simple and largely automated”,
explained Norm Fusaro, W3IZ, Assistant Manager, Field Services and
Radiosport Department.

“The form will auto-populate, if we have your information on file,
and the form can be edited to update name and address information
only,” Fusaro said. “The system will select the awards for which
you qualify. Certificates will be printed daily, so fulfillment will be
ongoing, while plaques will be shipped directly from the supplier.”
Fusaro said ARRL Headquarters has hired extra staff members to handle
the added workload.
“This was the biggest on-the-air operation in the history of Amateur
Radio,” ARRL Chief Operating Officer Harold Kramer, WJ1B, said. More
than 5.5 million Centennial event contacts were recorded in Logbook of
The World (LoTW) during 2014. That number includes contacts with W1AW
portable operations as well as those with individual ARRL members and
Field Organization volunteers. W100AW completed about 70,000 contacts.

Certificates will be available for the Centennial Points Challenge
Award, while W1AW WAS Award participants will have the option of a
certificate or a plaque. Certificates are $16, and plaques are $60.
For more information and application process go to:
https://centennial-qp.arrl.org/ and select the appropriate tab at the

Remote Operations
As you can imagine, the discussion on Remote Operations, especially the
for rent/lease station concept, is bringing out many strong opinions on
both sides of the subject.

In the April issue of QST, CEO Sumner, K1ZZ, wrote an extensive
editorial about ‘remote operations’. Some controversy arose when a
full page advertisement for a ‘for hire remote operation’ was
presented on the adjoining page. I want to point out here that the
ARRL was not endorsing this commercial enterprise or any other, by the
placement of the ad.

Mr. Sumner writes his editorials in advance of the magazine ‘mock
up’ and advertising placement is purchased well in advance of the
publication. In fact, the ARRL embraces this technology as well as
other technologies, but doesn’t endorse one product/enterprise over

At this time, the ARRL Program & Services Committee is reviewing rules
that relate to remote operations for contesting and DXCC. I expect to
see some recommendations on new/changed rules, at the July Board
meeting. If you have any questions or suggestions on rule
making/changing, contact Brian Mileshosky, N5ZGT, Rocky Mountain
Division Director, who chairs the P&SC.

More information on remote operations and a great book, can be found
at: http://www.arrl.org/shop/Remote-Operating-for-Amateur-Radio

Washington State’s Wireless Communications Bill
There have been some questions in regards to the lack of an Amateur
Radio exemption within the proposed Bill, now in the Washington
Legislature. To that end, here is an earlier excerpt from SM Monte
Simpson’s email after obtaining information from Chris Imlay and Dan
Henderson, of ARRL HQ. I’m putting this in the NW Division
Newsletter because the information actually has impact in all the

-The basis for this bill is a federal act known as Moving Ahead for
Progress in the 21st Century or MAP 21. Basic information on MAP 21 can
be found at: http://www.dot.gov/map21 You may find Engrossed
Substitute Senate Bill

5656 at:

The focus of MAP 21 and Engrossed Substitute Senate Bill 5656 is
"Personal Wireless Communications Devices." ARRL has the definition of
personal wireless communications devices at:

“Personal Wireless Communications Device” as used herein means a
device through which commercial mobile services, unlicensed wireless
services, and common carrier wireless exchange access services are
transmitted. Such devices include hand held or portable electronic
equipment capable of providing full duplex, wireless voice or data
communications via the public switched telephone network between two or
more people, and devices for text messaging or paging, but do not
include two-way radio communications equipment such as that used in the
Amateur Radio Service."

The amateur radio service does not need an exclusion because it is not
included in the definition of personal wireless communications device
as used in the federal law and Engrossed Substitute Senate Bill 5656.

Please bear in mind that an amateur handheld transceiver could be
confused for a device covered by the federal law and state proposed
law. If an officer sees the driver of a vehicle driving erratically and
holding something that appears to be a prohibited device they have the
duty to determine if indeed it is a prohibited device.

The federal law and ESSB 5656 are about the safety of those of us using
the public roadways. Distracted driving is a serious problem on our
roadways –

Please take a few minutes to read ESSB 5656 and MAP 21 to see that
amateur radio is not mentioned or included in the definition of
personal wireless communications device.

HF Band Plan Input Requested
As noted in April QST, the ARRL is looking for member input on the
suggested HF band plan. Member input is encouraged, as the committee
is trying to come up with reasonable accommodations for all concerned.

The band plan in QST is a suggested plan; it has not been recommended
or approved. After receiving input, the committee will formulate a
suggested plan and present it to the Board of Directors for approval.

The comment window closes April 19! Comments/suggestions can be made
at: http://www.arrl.org/bandplan or send an email to: bandplan@arrl.org

FCC Reduces Staff
The FCC has indicated a reduction in their Field Staff, which will
impact Amateur Radio Enforcement matters. At this point, we are not
sure how much of a visible impact this might have, but it seems to be
in line with other Federal Agencies, as budgets come under
congressional fire. ARRL will continue to monitor any reduction plans
and certainly will comment on matters that will impact or hobby. In
the meantime, enforcement continues with some high priority cases in
the mix today.

For more information see the article at:

Northwestern Division Website
I have been notified that the Northwestern Division Website has been
down for a while. The appropriate folks are working on it and hope to
have it up soon. Please stand by.

ARRL Northwestern Division
Director: James D Pace, K7CEX

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