Letter 12/2015

THANK YOU – Once again, Vice Director Altus, AB7ZQ and I would like to
express our sincere thanks for your support and trust, during the recent
elections. We are proud to represent the membership of the Northwestern
Division in the ARRL Board of Directors meetings, and the various
committees we serve on. The next 3 years will be exciting as we move
further into the second century of the ARRL. The successes of the
organization will be dependent on a strong collaboration between the
ARRL members and their elected leadership.

FINAL PUSH – We are at the end of 2015 and many Hams are buying and
building antennas and equipment for the National Parks on the Air
event, in 2016. The ARRL website will have information on activations
and other matters for the event. If you decide to activate a site,
make sure you enter your information so that others who are chasing,
can find you. For information on how to activate via ARRL go to:

IDAHO SECTION REPORT - We’re pleased to announce that we now have
over 7,500 Amateur Radio operators licensed in Idaho! (Not a big thing
for “large” sections, but a big deal for us). Thanks to our
Affiliated Clubs and VE groups for mentoring and testing the 400+ new
Idaho hams who joined our ranks in 2015. More hams generate more
on-the-air activity, and that was reflected by the 18 Idaho Field Day
stations this year – the largest number ever.

Northern Idaho hams recently enjoyed the first-ever visit by ARRL
Northwest Division Director Jim Pace (K7CEX) and Division Vice-Director
Bonnie Altus (AB7ZQ) in late September. The venue was local hams and
pizza, with informal presentations and Q & A session. Thanks Jim and
Bonnie, for looking in on us.
A quick reminder regarding upcoming Idaho Amateur Radio events – The
Idaho QSO Party takes place on 03/12 – 03/13, and the Idaho ARRL
Convention will be held in Boise on 04/22 – 04/24. Hope you can join
Best holiday wishes to all and 73,
Ed AI7H – Idaho ARRL Section Manager

OREGON SECTION REPORT - Vincent A. Van Der Hyde K7VV has retired as the
Oregon Section, Section Emergency Coordinator. Vince served as Oregon
Section Emergency Manager since June 1, 2011. Previously, he served as
Emergency Coordinator for the Amateur Radio Unit at the Office of
Emergency Management from 2004 to 2010. We thank Vince for more than
thirteen years of service with Oregon Section and look forward to
future contributions to the Section.

Our new Section Emergency Coordinator is Bruce Bjerke K7BHB. Bruce has
been serving as Emergency Coordinator for West Lane County for several
years. He previously served as Assistant Section Emergency Coordinator
for many years. He is returning to Section-wide work in emergency
communication. Bruce will be working with county Emergency
Coordinators and continue the emphasis on training and competence in
partnership with our county Emergency Managers. He has agreed to
institute a review of our operating style in ARES with a report to the
Section by the end of 2016. He will be taking on the upgrade of the
infrastructure for the Oregon Digital Network, securing ARES gateways
and assuring that we can use them successfully in a real world call up.
Bruce will continue to be assisted by Lisa Clarke KE7NIY in her ASEC
role. Lisa also serves as Assistant Section Manager.

The new appointee as Emergency Coordinator for the Amateur Radio Unit
at the Oregon Office of Emergency Management is Lynn Burrell KE7WKM.
Lynn is moving from a similar appointment in Washington County for
nearly five years. He will continue as Acting Emergency Coordinator at
Washington County for a short while as Bruce Bjerke SEC and James Bryant
DEC-1 work to select a new EC. Lynn will be working at the ARU with
Terry Pietras, State Communications Officer. Lynn will be looking to
build the number of active ARES members in the ARU and increase
training opportunities.

I have re-designed our working relationship with the State of Oregon.
My intention is to appoint an Assistant Section Manager to serve as
liaison with policy-makers at the state level. Until that person is
appointed, I will be carrying the liaison role.

Everett Curry W6ABM, Oregon Section Manager

AFFILIATED CLUBS UPDATE - Special Service Club Banners. The Board of
directors recently voted to award banners to Special Service Clubs in
recognition of their contributions to the advancement of Amateur Radio.
Information about becoming a Special Service Club is at
http://www.arrl.org/ssc-application .

Pacific Northwest VHF Society June VHF Contest Results.
Congratulations to the PNWVHFS for their score in the 2015 June VHF
Contest Affiliated Club Competition. They placed eighth in a field of
38 with a score of 314,130!

Transition of Club Officers. Clubs are the backbone of amateur radio
and of particular importance is preparing for the transition of club
officers. The Active Club Online Primer

) provides a wealth of information about the organization and
management of clubs. The following was extracted from this document.

Transition of Club Officers
It is crucial to the continued success of a League-affiliated club that
when club officers change, appropriate notifications are filed and club
records are passed along or otherwise maintained. Here's a handy
check-off list that should be reviewed upon any officer change.
1. Notify ARRL HQ immediately of all new club officers. (This is
critical so that important news and other items from HQ are sent to the
correct club officers.) Use the Club Update form to make these changes.

2. Notify the Division Director, Section Manager, and Affiliated Club
3. Is your current Club Update on file with ARRL HQ?
4. If your club is an SSC, is SSC status current?
5. Are your official club papers secure?
• Certificate and Articles of Incorporation.
• Articles of Association, By-Laws.
• Corporate seal.
• Non-profit status documentation.
• State and Federal tax ID numbers.
• List of documents to be filed with IRS, and copies of those filed
by club.
• Insurance policies: liability, equipment. Are they current?
• Post office bulk mailing permit.
6. Is club station license secure? (Is station license current?)
7. Club property inventory accounted for? (Is inventory list current?
Does list show location and custody responsibilities?)
8. Is inventory of materials in club safe deposit box current?
9. List of all bank accounts and holdings. (Is list current and
updated quarterly?)
10. Club archives (Are historical records, minutes, newsletters,
photos, ledgers, and awards in safe, secure location?)
11. Contracts and agreements in force. (Are they current? Are all
associated papers present in appropriate file?)
12. Is current information on utilities billed to the club (power,
water, telephone), including billing addresses, on hand?
13. Frequency coordination correspondence. Is repeater pair assignment
14. Is club Postal Box current?
15. Club email list current?
73, Lynn Burlingame, N7CFO, WWA Affiliated Clubs Coordinator, NW
Division Assistant Director

announced today, that there are 3 finalists for the ARRL CEO position.
Chairman Jim Pace, K7CEX announced the final round, as the Search
Committee prepares to interview the 3 finalists in January. “we
reviewed over 80 resumes and conducted some 30 interviews to reach the
3 finalists”, Pace said. “we are excited about our finalists and
look forward to the future of ARRL as we continue into our second
century”. The current CEO, Dave Sumner, K1ZZ, will be retiring on
May 1, 2016

WORK ON THE AMATEUR RADIO PARITY ACT – We are still sending our
consultants and members of the Board to Capitol Hill to meet with
Congressmen/women and Senators. The Bill on the Senate side (S 1685)
has passed out of committee and is set to be on the floor for a vote,
sometime next year – we have not been advised of the date as-of-yet.
On the House side, (HR 1301), we are still looking for co-sponsors. At
this time, we have 117 co-sponsors but would like to have as many more
as possible. Your letters and phone calls to your Representatives, is
greatly appreciated.

will meet on January 15 & 16, in Hartford Connecticut. This meeting
will see the election of a new President, Vice Presidents and other
officers. Current President Kay Craigie, N3KN, will preside over her
last official meeting in January; at the closing bell, a new President
will assume the task of leading the ARRL. A meeting agenda should be
out soon, but if you have any issues you would like us to present at
the meeting, please let Bonnie or I know, by the end of December.

HOLIDAYS – On behalf of Vice Director Altus and I, we wish you a very
special Holiday season with your family and friends. With all of the
rushing around during this season, it is easy to forget those who are
less fortunate that we. Take an opportunity, this season, to give
someone a hand up. Also, remember the seniors and shut-ins. Bring a
little cheer into their lives. Be kind, be wise and be funny when you

73 and good Hamming

Jim Pace, K7CEX
ARRL Northwestern Division Director
Email: k7cex@arrl.org

ARRL Northwestern Division
Director: James D Pace, K7CEX

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