Letter 6/2016

SUMMER IS HERE: and the big event to kick off the summer is of course
SeaPac, at Seaside Oregon. This year, several ARRL Staff and Officers
will be in attendance, including K5UR, Rick Roderick, our new

Stop by the ARRL table and say hello, and make a little time to attend
the ARRL Forum. The future looks good and once again, the Northwestern
Division leads the nation in membership gains.

ARE YOU READY: A lot of planning and scheduling has gone into the
upcoming Cascadia Rising FEMA exercise. Teams and EOC staffs have been
ramping up over the past two years. Equipment, frequencies, portable
stations and power sources have been checked out and are ready! But
are you ready?
We spend a lot of time making certain that our equipment and procedures
are ready for an exercise, but what about our personal and family
planning? When the ‘big one’ hits, will your family be as ready as
your EmComm team?

Do you have enough food and water to sustain your family for a minimum
of 3 days and most likely much longer? In my County, our DEM has told
us we will be on our own for at least 5 weeks, with thousands of
injuries and over a thousand deaths.

Do members of your family know how to shut off the utilities in your
home? (Gas, Electricity, Water). If separated, does each member of
your family know where to meet or who to contact outside of your area
to leave a message about your condition?

Do you have an alternate source of heat and cooking, should yours be

In a major earthquake, and with as many bridges and overpasses we have
in the Northwest, can you ‘deploy in place’ if damaged
infrastructure prevents you from meeting up with your EmComm team?

There are lots more questions, but you get the picture, and now you can
try to answer the question; ARE YOU READY?

HR 1301: (excerpt from www.arrl.org) After 2-1/2 months of intense
negotiations, ARRL has reached an agreement with the Community
Associations Institute (CAI) — the national association of homeowners
associations — concerning amended language of the Amateur Radio Parity
Act. This will allow H.R. 1301 to proceed to what is hoped will be
passage of the bill in both houses of Congress this year.

“We express support for H.R. 1301, the Amateur Radio Parity Act, as
proposed to be amended,” the CAI statement said.

ARRL, working with CAI and Congressional staff, agreed on an amended
bill that would allow every amateur living in a deed-restricted
community the ability to install an effective outdoor antenna.

“We are pleased with the agreement with CAI over new proposed
language in the legislation, and thank CAI and the Congressional
staffers who helped make this happen,” ARRL Hudson Division Director
and Legislative Affairs Committee Chairman Mike Lisenco, N2YBB, said.
Lisenco stressed that, while the agreement with CAI is significant,
there is still much work to be done.

“This agreement with CAI is a big step forward, but getting the
Amateur Radio Parity Act signed into law remains a long process. ARRL
will still need to call upon the membership to contact their elected
officials and ask for their affirmative vote on this bill,” he said.

More information on the Amateur Radio Parity Act is available on the
ARRL website.

FIELD DAY 2016: Field Day is part educational event, part operating
event, part public relations event – and ALL about FUN! This
year’s Field Day is June 25-26.

June being a very busy month this year, with SeaPac, Cascadia Rising
and Field Day, one might suppose that Field Day might suffer in
attendance; probably not the case! What an excellent time to relax and
enjoy the great weather and companionship of your fellow club members
and the general public who visit your sites. Remember, every visitor
is a potential Ham Radio Operator – go get them interested, get them
on the air for the experience and then get them licensed.

Don’t forget to list your Field Day site at:

finished reviewing over 300 applications for over 89 Scholarships for
2016. This year was particularly difficult, as the applications were
top notch. The Foundation Board deliberated for several weeks, before
making the final selections. A supplement newsletter will be released
to the Northwestern Division relating to the awards of the Mary Lou
Brown and Wilse Morgan Memorial Scholarships, as soon as the foundation
office can notify the recipiants.
Remember, the next round of scholarship applications begins October 1,

LOOKING FOR A CLUB OR CLASS: If you are looking for a club, class or
Hamfest, check out www.n7cfo.com Lynn Burlingame, N7CFO, keeps a
pretty up-to-date listing on his site.

Have a great summer packed full of events. We’ll see you at SeaPac
and other events.

ARRL Northwestern Division
Director: James D Pace, K7CEX

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