Division Director and Vice Director Position on the National Traffic System (NTS)

In recent days, and in the wake of Cascadia Rising 2016, there have been
some misunderstandings resulting in reflector postings and verbal
rumors, regarding the future of NTS – and the Board support of NTS.
Allow me to clear up some of the confusion.

First and foremost, the Northwestern Division Director and Vice
Director are not just supportive of NTS, we encourage you all to be
likewise. We view NTS as a partner program with ARES, in the service
of our local communities.

The NTS is an important program of the ARRL Field Organization –
especially in times of disaster. Being able to send messages,
especially ‘health and welfare’ reports and requests, is of
paramount importance to the people in the communities we serve, when
normal communications have been interrupted or overwhelmed.

Is the ARRL looking to do away with the NTS? Absolutely not! In fact,
the ARRL is looking for ways to improve, update and expand the practices
and service provided by the NTS.

What about the type of traffic being handled by NTS at this time?
Although some think the current traffic being handled by the NTS is
less than important, we do not agree. Any sort of traffic; birthday
wishes, license renewal messages or any type of legal messaging, keeps
the conduits of networks open, and ready for use in a disaster. To
eliminate such practices is to close an important local and national
asset in our arsenal of communication facilities. This conduit also
provides a great opportunity for Hams to get training, for message
handling in emergencies.

The use of NTS via voice, digital and CW, is supported by Bonnie and me
and we believe the vast majority of our colleagues in the Board Room.
We know of no effort to eliminate this important Field Organization

Please thank those NTS members that you know, for their service, and
consider joining them in the long honored tradition of sending and
receiving messages, for the general public, via Ham Radio.

ARRL Northwestern Division
Director: James D Pace, K7CEX

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