Letter 10/2006

To: ARRL Northwestern Division Members
From: Jim Fenstermaker K9JF -- Northwestern Division Director
Bill Sawders K7ZM -- Northwestern Division Vice- Director
October 2006
To: ARRL Northwestern Division Members
From: Jim Fenstermaker K9JF “ Northwestern Division Director
Bill Sawders K7ZM “ Northwestern Division Vice-Director

Subject: News Update

Dear Northwestern Division Members:
The end of summer is passed and we are into the throes of winter. It's long past overdue to update you on the various events and activities in the Northwestern Division. I'm excited to announce the new Division web site, which was recently redesigned and made available to review. Note that we will complete the various sections during the next few months. Please suggest changes and additions as you review the content of the new site. Thanks to Rodger Alexander, KK7LK, for working on this project! Currently, Rodger along with Assistant Director Michael Sterba, KG7HQ are working on additional enhancements to the site. As you review their creation, please provide feedback to me about additional topics you would like covered. The League recognized two of our Northwestern Division members this summer. Roger Hayward, KA7EXM was awarded ARRL's DeMaw Technical Excellence Award for 2005. I was honored to recommend Roger to the ARRL Board for this award. Marv Loftness KB7KK from Olympia, WA received a plaque for the best article in May QST. Marv's article was titles "When Should You Call the Power Company". Congratulations to both Marv and Roger! Congratulations are extended to the Radio Club of Tacoma on their 90th anniversary. Only a few clubs in the USA have this legacy. This club was formed in 1916 and became affiliated with the ARRL in 1920 as its 7th affiliated club. During their celebration last Saturday, their affiliation certificate was displayed with HPM's signature prominently displayed. Development of the Legislative Action Process is nearly complete. An explanation of the process as well as discussion why this is needed as well as the implementation plan will be forwarded to you soon. In May and June, members in ID, AK, and WA, MT were asked to contact their Senators, requesting support of adding language supporting amateur radio to the Senate Telecommunications Bill. Thanks to 155 of our members who responded. Of the 551 letters generated nationwide, 28% came from our division. That is an outstanding response from the Northwestern Division. The Northwestern Division advocacy effort was noted and discussed at the Board meeting. As we move forward, we will ask for your support including contacting your local federal legislators and asking for assistance for amateur radio related legislation. Given the current FCC attitude, this is needed to insure our survival! Speaking about the Board meeting, Bill and I attended the meeting in July in Newington. The highlight of the meeting was a Strategic Planning exercise to guide the League during the upcoming year. Items of emphasis include: Membership, Advocacy, Emergency Communication, Education and Finances. I'll give you more details following the January board meeting when the strategic plan is ratified. As you have undoubtedly heard by now, the FCC released the "Omnibus" report and order (R&O) on October 10. A summary of this R&O can be viewed on the ARRL Web Site
[http://www.arrl.org/news/stories/2006/10/11/100/ ].
The most surprising portion of this pending rulemaking is the expansion of the 80 meter band, especially in light of other current users of a portion of this spectrum for nets and digital modes. Comments regarding this proposed expansion as well as other elements of the R&O can be made to the ARRL via e-mail to bandplan@www.arrl.org. In addition, you can communicate directly to us at: K9JF@arrl.org or K7ZM@arrl.org . As Bill and I will be continuing as Vice Director and Director through 2009, we encourage you to invite us to visit your local clubs and activities. However, since I am not yet retired; scheduling is of utmost importance to me. We will both try to accommodate your visitation requests during the next three years. Don't forget that the Northwestern Division Convention will be held at Seaside, OR on June 1-3. This is a date change from that appearing on their program. Attendance at this gathering has remained steady at approximately 2,250. Compare this to Pacificon in the SF Bay Area at approximately 1,200. The Northwestern Division is Radio-Active! Thanks for your support. We will be in touch again soon. 73 Jim K9JF
A word from your Vice-Director, Bill Sawders, K7ZM
Even though I was interested in assuming the position of ARRL Northwestern Division vice-director, I was quite surprised to have been chosen. There were several well qualified persons seeking the position. Being unopposed in this years election has given me the confidence in knowing you have given me your trust in the leadership team of Jim, K9JF and myself. As the Oregon section manager (1998-2002) Jim and I worked very closely at times and this relationship will continue as we strive to represent you as members of the American Radio Relay League, Northwestern Division. I am very proud of the way the ARRL challenged the propose BPL (broadband over power lines) rulings. However, when I watched our President tell the nation that every single household in the United States will have the ability to use the internet (with the use of power lines), I knew the FCC would quickly hurdle over any and all objections. After all, you have to realize the FCC Commissioners are made up of (mostly) lawyers and others who have very little or no knowledge of communications and especially Amateur Radio. However, in the future, I know any vast interference caused by BPL can and will be pursued with help from the League. Quoting now, from one of our fellow ARRL Division Directors:
ARRL: The reason Amateur Radio Is!
MEMBERS: The reason ARRL Is! When visiting any of the major northwest ham fairs and conventions, please take time out to visit the ARRL booth and say "hello". 73. Bill, K7ZM

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