Letter 1/2008

TO: Northwestern Division ARRL Members

It's been quite a while since I updated you on events and issues in the Northwestern Division and ARRL in general. The combination of work, hamfests, bicycle training, and other activities keep me quite busy. I actually found some time for on-the-air activity! Since Spring, I rode my bicycle over 1,500 miles and participated in the Seattle to Portland (STP) bicycle classic in July. The STP was a
mere 204 mile ride over two days. Next year, I'll take a handheld along to talk to folks as I pass through the various locales. My wife Shirley, KE7CBH, mandates that I WILL ride again 2008!
Both Vice Director Sawders and I continue to participate as members of influential committees at HQ. Bill was appointed to the Administrative and Finance Committee and I was elected to the Executive Committee by my fellow board members.
In addition, I serve as a board member on the ARRL Foundation. Approximately 60 students received scholarships including a 4-year scholarship for one deserving ham. As you receive mailings from the Foundation, don't forget the scholarship program as you make your benefactor decisions.


Thanks to all who assisted with communication work during the rainstorms and subsequent flooding earlier this month. Along with providing much needed assistance to the communities affected, the Amateur Radio Service received some excellent praise from local and state authorities in both Washington and Oregon. The Amateur Radio community really cam

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