Field Day Greetings

Another ARRL Field Day is here! We wish all the clubs and individuals participating this weekend the very best. Your Director and Vice Director will be touring a few Field Day sites to both observe and to meet radio amateurs participating in the event. Unfortunately, we cannot visit all the locations as the Northwestern Division encompasses the largest territory of any ARRL Division and we have no "magic carpets" to transport us around.

As Washington Governor Chris Gregoire noted in her proclamation of Amateur Radio Week from June 18-23, 2012, “amateur radio operators deserve our recognition and gratitude for the many services they provide” and “I urge all citizens to join me in thanking the thousands of amateur radio operators who come to our aid during emergencies or disasters”. We echo her comments and thank you for your service to your communities.

Have fun, be safe and have a wonderful time during the ARRL’s largest single operating activity. This is a great opportunity to show your local residents and political organizations how Amateur Radio continues to be relevant and is a benefit to everyone “when all else fails”.

73 and have a successful Field Day,

Jim Fenstermaker K9JF ARRL Northwestern Division Director

Grant Hopper KB7WSD ARRL Northwestern Division Vice Director

--------------------------------------------------------------------ARRL Northwestern Division Director: James E Fenstermaker, K9JF --------------------------------------------------------------------

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