The ARRL Northwestern Division Leadership provides the interface between League Members and the National Organization. The Northwestern Division Leadership shall keep the Division Membership informed and provide the Membership with leadership training and opportunity along with the promotion of League programs within the Division that are vital to our overall success.
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Letter 10/2014

Event Travel:
The Hamfest/Swapmeet season is quickly coming to an end for 2014 and
the Division Staff is pleased to have attended events in each of the
Sections in the Northwestern Division. From Montana, Idaho, Eastern
Washington, Western Washington, Oregon and Alaska, we were greeted with
the true spirit of Ham Radio as we found not just active clubs and ARES
units, but innovative an thriving ones. I’m especially excited about
the number of groups that are encouraging DIY projects. Everything from
direction finders to QRP rigs; It is exciting to see Ham Radio


The July ARRL board meeting was the first one that I have attended since
being appointed to the Vice Director position. It was especially
interesting because of being able to attend the ARRL Centennial
national convention prior to the meeting. At the convention banquet,
Craig Fugate KK4INZ, the FEMA Administrator , was the speaker. He
became interested in getting licensed because of a combination of
having worked with hams in his previous emergency management positions
and by hanging an antenna out the window of his DC apartment and

Letter 8/2014

Here is an opportunity for you all to get involved. HR4969, if passed,
would direct the FCC to extend PRB-1 to Home Owner Associations and
CC&Rs. PRB-1/HR4969 is not a blank check, but would require
‘reasonable accommodation’ for Amateur Radio antennas.

What we need now is to have our members, with good writing and speaking
skills to write, call and/or visit your Congressional Representative,
and ask them to ‘co-sponsor’ HR4969. More on the bill can be found

6/26/2014 - Director's Field Day Message

The annual ARRL Field Day is almost here. I want to wish all
participants a successful and safe time, over this weekend, as
thousands of Amateur Radio Operators practice their emergency
deployment skills with portable equipment, power sources, antennas and
good food! (Especially good food) What a great opportunity to show
the general public the ‘magic of radio’, and encourage interested
persons in joining our fantastic hobby.

As I look around the Division and the weather predictions, I see some
good weather but I also see some potentially difficult conditions for

6/12/2014 - From the Director's Shack; FCC Not Adopting Proposed Rules Dealing with 30 Centimeters

--FCC Not Adopting Proposed Rules Dealing with 30 Centimeters--

Read decision at:

--FCC Approves Changes to Exam Credits and Emission Type rules--

Read decision at:

--50 Year Membership Plaques Found--

Garry Lewis, while going through his father’s estate, found two ARRL
50th Year of Membership Plaques. However, we have been unable to
contact the families of these two recipients. If you know how to

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